Why Bhutan is Worth the Tourist Money

Why Bhutan IS Worth the Tourist Money

Bhutan travel revolves around its tourist hotspots that include ancient monasteries, majestic palaces and wildlife that is truly different to most other countries throughout the world. If you love nature and stunning palaces situated within enchanting forests, then Bhutan would be highly recommended. The best thing about Africa travel is the exchange rate with most countries. You can have a great holiday for very cheap and still have one of the most exclusive and exceptional vacations you ever had in your life.

Bhutan's approach on tourism is low volume but high quality and this has made the country as one of the most highly regarded destinations among selective travelers. The cost per person is about US$250 but this will bring you to the isolated Himalayan kingdom and is already inclusive of land transportation accommodations, food and guide service.

So is it really worth the tourist money?

The word "authentic" is the more clichéd and abused word in tourism industry, but Bhutan is a country that still reminds us of the real meaning of cultural authenticity. Bhutan has become a tourism destination only about four decades ago and this country has been considered a hermit kingdom and successfully preserved its rich and unique cultural identity over the years of its isolation. For any tourist, experiencing the real Bhutanese lifestyle is a life changing experience that will never be replicated by visiting other countries.

On the streets, whether you are in the capital or in a far flung village, traditional dress is still the preferred attire and local languages dominate the place unlike other tourist hotspots where the natives can already speak fluent English. Dzongkha and Sharchop can be heard while you are walking down the street and this adds to the magic of the place. Native Dzongkha-style architectural facets still grace every structure and Buddhism influences just about every aspect of life.

Bhutan is also known for its unexpected attractions. Discover abundant flora and vegetation as well as thousands of different bird species as you trek through the aromatic pine forests past the natural terraced hillsides sheltered with orchards and wild flowers allowing you to fully take pleasure in some of the most magnificent scenery the country has to offer. There are lots of mountain trails to choose from and all will depend on your time and energy.

After your wonderful Bhutan adventures, you can ask yourself is it really worth your money?

Gem Tshering