Why Bhutan Is Not Your Regular Tourist Melting Pot?


Packed with wonderful cultural history, Bhutan in itself is a very unique country. There are lots of things to discover here not to mention the rich cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes. All these can be experienced on single trekking trip through the Zuri Dzong Trekas well as the Gangtey Valley and the Punakha Dzong.

But that is not all there is in Bhutan. Bhutan travel is full of variety compared to that of most of the world, which makes it unique and a brilliant place to visit. The country is bestowed with a temperate climate, and exquisite lilac colored jacaranda trees that grow around the dzong during the spring season.

With its rich culture and immaculate scenery, there is no question that the country has everything it needs to be one of the world’s most popular tourist hotspot. Bordered by the Himalayas, Bhutan was physically impassable in the past save for a very few of mountain passes. The country kept its close ties with its sole southern neighbour India, until about four decades ago when the kingdom decided to tourists from the rest of the world in and experience what the country has to offer.

Many years later, this kingdom in the Himalayas has still succeeded in avoiding becoming the swarming, tourist-infested fate that happened to a lot of other picturesque destinations like Venice in Italy or the Maldives. While tourist hotspots like Venice and Barcelona are now considering limiting the visitor numbers, Bhutan wisely implemented a “High Value Low Impact”approach in its aim to achieve sustainable tourism back in the 1980s, after the country’s 4th king, Jigme Singye Wangchuck, became alarmed about the consequences that unregulated tourism might have on his kingdom and people.

By sacrificing mass tourism for a more select patron, the country was still able to have valuable revenue without having to endure crowds of tourists especially on its sacred places. Bhutan travel is great fun, and seeing things which are unique is truly amazing. Bhutan is family friendly, and believe it or not, travel packages can be booked from many companies. Africa travel can be made safer, and more enjoyable if you read some reviews of good places to stay. But regardless of whether you have or have not ready any travel reviews on this country, Bhutan is sure to surprise you in a lot of major ways you never expected.

Gem Tshering